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Aborted- The Archaic Abattoir LP (Red Vinyl)

Aborted- The Archaic Abattoir LP (Red Vinyl)
Aborted- The Archaic Abattoir LP (Red Vinyl)
Band/Title: Aborted
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Aborted is a Belgian death metal band formed in 1995 in Waregem. The group currently consists of vocalist, founder and only constant member Sven de Caluwé, guitarist Ian Jekelis, bassist Stefano Franceschini and drummer Ken Bedene. Although the band originally had an entire lineup of members living in Belgium, Aborted's current lineup now features members from Belgium, The Netherlands and the United States. The band has released eleven studio albums, six EPs and one live DVD.

AllMusic stated that Aborted "had grown into the role of key contributors to the 'brutal death metal' genre" and described the band's style as "unrestrained grindcore savagery and meticulously crafted death metal technicality". Aborted recently released their 11th album 'Maniacult' in September 2021 on Century Media/ Sony. After reaching ridiculously high prices online, Aborted Classic albums ' Engineering the Dead', 'Goremageddon - The Saw and the Carnage done' and 'The Archaic Abattoir' albums are finally made available again in Limited edition coloured vinyls with bonus tracks and updated lay outs. Grab them while you can !

  • 1 Dead Wreckoning 3:41
  • 2 Blood Fixing the Bled 3:04
  • 3 Gestated Rabidity 4:04
  • 4 Hecatomb 2:50
  • 5 The Gangrenous Epitaph 3:25
  • 6 The Inertia 3:35
  • 7 A Cold Logistic Slaughter 2:13
  • 8 Threading on Vermillion Deception 5:14
  • 9 Voracious Haemoglobinic Syndrome 4:14
  • 10 Descend to Extirpation 4:06
  • 11 Drowned 3:47 (Entombed) *